Wondering why we are any different?

At Baillie Construction our aim is to enable other hard working Kiwis the reality of building and owning their own home, whether it be the first or the first of many. Our key point of difference is that we are not limited to building with timber, instead we use steel framing to deliver a speedy, cost effective build. Our formed steel is non-allergenic, drier and healthier than traditional timber building methods which we stand behind 100%.

Today’s home owners are more concerned than ever about how their homes are built.

We all want the same thing – peace of mind that our homes, usually our biggest financial asset and the walls that contain our loved ones and prized possessions are well constructed, cost effective and will stand the test of time, all while being environmentally friendly. Light weight Steel framing has now been used in New Zealand for over five decades. Steel framed houses have also been tested to withstand a 9 on the richter scale, this video is long but a must see if you are thinking about building.

Seven Secrets of Steel:


Earthquake resistant, indifferent to flame, a steel frame home is made to exact specifications to provide the strongest construction possible. With steel framing, you can enjoy beautiful open spans with no worry about sagging floors or cracking ceilings


Steel framing can replace timber framing in every application, often at a lower cost. Steel absorbs no moisture, so twisting, bowing, crowning and warping are never a problem. As your builder we will not have to pick through a delivered load of wood to find a quality piece. Steel framing assembles quickly, saving on labour costs. A house built with a steel frame stays in plumb forever, so you enjoy straight walls and crisp, square corners for as long as you live in your steel-framed home, with little or no maintenance.


Steel frame homes go up quickly. Our fabricator supplies our steel frames pre framed and with clearly labelled frames for easy assembly. No concerns about drilling through framing to run cables and pipes, either; the steel framing come with plastic-lined service holes.


Because a steel frame is manufactured, not harvested, it is custom-made to an astounding degree of accuracy. This structural framework translates to the entire home, so all other trades can provide electrical, plumbing and finishing work with utmost precision. Corners are true and tight; door frames are exactly square.


Clean, simple steel needs no preservatives or chemical baths to protect it. It is impenetrable to termites, ants and other insects. It provides no foothold for moulds, spores, fungi or airborne organic pollutants. Unlike foams, fibres and manufactured wood products, steel gives off no gases or volatile organic compounds (VOCs).


Architects and designers know steel has virtually no limitations due to its high strength, low weight and ability to span unsupported spaces. You and your architect can let imaginations flow, from daring roof profiles to cantilevered decks to arched, open interiors. Sloped or rocky sites are also no problem for versatile steel.


Completely recyclable, free of chemicals, steel is designed and made for its intended purpose from the drafting table right to your home site. This means minimal waste and a work site free of clutter, scraps and sawdust.

  • We would love to say a huge thankyou to BCL for making our first home experience a dream! Lee and the guys have looked after us from the very start and the results are amazing. We recently had a 3 bedroom house built by BCL and we were able to stick to our budget, customise our plans and rest assured that everything was taken care of throughout the build. The process was stress free and the communication was great. Thank you so much BCL 🙂
    Rowan & Michelle
  • I chose to build with Lee and BCL and it was the first home I have ever built. They guided me through the process completely, Lee often called after normal work hours and at the weekends keeping me in the loop. From concept plans to handing over the keys I new everything was under control.
    G Agnew